The Day Party with DJ Supa Scotty

Supa Scotty – The DJ


Born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (DMV), Scotty grew up in a household where there was a love for music and media. Music and media eventually became the soundtrack to his life.


As a 1999 graduate of Howard University, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications with a minor in Early Childhood Education. Determined to not let his college training go to waste, he landed his first radio job as Executive Radio Producer for Children’s Express. and in October 2000, Scotty began a 7 year tenure at Worldspace Satellite Radio, a former XM affiliate, specializing in broadcast imaging, production, and voiceovers.  In 2002, Scotty also started his journey to becoming one of DC’s most popular nightlife socialites, club promoters, emcees/hosts, and DJs. In 2007, Scotty landed a position as imaging and production assistant at CBS Radio’s WPGC 95.5. 


After his tenure at CBS Radio, Scotty became a multi-faceted content creator and media specialist while continuing to DJ all over the world. @supascottythedj



Venue: 400 Club
Address: 1234 5th Street South Beach, Florida
Date: 2025-12-31
Start Time: 14:00
End Time: 19:00
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