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Cayman Kelly’s voice changed around 12 years old. He started working in radio at 15. By the time he graduated as a Mass Communications Major, the job search began. He ironically ended up at the same radio station where it all began. All within that same year, he became a promotions assistant, a board op, and then an on-air personality. They would also try Cayman as the imaging voice for the station but they felt like, “He wasn’t quite ready yet.” His focus was strictly being on the air as a personality. Although, he would often hear people saying, “You need to do something with those pipes!” Some years down the line Cayman ended up at BET to provide content for a 3rd Party channel for the new technology XM Satellite Radio. While on that particular job, Cayman’s Voice-Over career would be started, as he became the network voice of BET and their Digital networks. He signed to the Don Buchwald Agency and has voiced promos for TV Land, Cartoon Network, TV One, FOX, FS1, BOUNCE TV, and more. He had never even given thought to the Radio Imaging side of Voice-Over. But, being around Sirius XM as a personality, there were a lot of request for Cayman to voice different channels, such as the Dr. Laura show, College Sports Nation, Watercolors, etc. Then an opportunity presented itself as POWER 1051 in NY was looking for a newimaging voice. They gave Cayman a shot and that became his very first terrestrial radio station as their imaging voice. He has since gained markets in Boston, Cleveland, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Birmingham, and more and is also the voice of the syndicated, Breakfast Club Morning Show, the national voice of ESPN Radio and the voice of Monday Night Football and the NHL. He’s also currently still on air Mon-Sat from 12-6 p on Sirius XM; Heart and Soul.–

Cayman Kelly

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